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Naziha Mestaoui, part of the duo Electronic Shadow has done it again. Pushing the boundaries of technology and sensory experiences, her current project, ‘One Tree One Beat’ inspires us to stay innovative!

For the 21st Climate Conference in Paris that will take place in December 2015, Belgian artist Naziha Mestaoui will project ‘One Beat One Tree’ onto the city’s famed monuments. The installation bridges the virtual and reality, technology and nature, as well as what is visible and invisible. spectators to the artwork are granted the opportunity to create a digital tree that they will be able to see growing on buildings in rhythm with their heart, via a heartbeat sensor controlled through a smartphone. the computerized tree is then actually planted in europe, latin america, africa or asia rendering ‘each citizen a co-creator of our collective future beyond individualism,’ expressed the artist. (Source: www.designboom.com



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A truly inspiring architectural design that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional! Designed by Italian architectural firm, Nemesi & Partners, the Italian Pavilion will purify the surrounding atmosphere and generate energy with the installment of photovoltaic glass. With 9,000 square meters of photocatalytic concrete–a type of material that breaks down nitric and nitrogen oxides when exposed to sunlight–the façade of the building will act as a giant smog filter. Green building designs have become more common than ever and it will be interesting to see how these innovative designs will be adapted into the lives of everyday consumers in the coming decade. 


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